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Build An Influence

BIOMEDER (BIOMEDER CO., LTD) aims to drive innovation in societies and industries through knowledge. To build up the influence, we broadcast biomedical knowledge on our blog/magazine style website, 《BioMeder》. Additionally, we are running consulting services to help clients solve technical problems in product life cycles and accelerate their research.

BioMeder Webpage Demo

Empower Biomedical Knowledge

BioMeder》, established in 2014, is a magazine/blog style website which focuses on the inventions and new applications of top biomedical technologies. The contents are written in traditional Chinese characters.

We browse biomedical news daily from industries as well as academia worldwide and then decipher it into language which is more readily understood. All the postings on《BioMeder》are expected to deliver the latest information and knowledge to our readers, including biomedical experts and non-experts.

Over the years with《BioMeder》, the influence of our articles is expanding. We feel it, our readers and clients feel it.

Drive Innovation

In 2020, we launched our consulting and research services. It aims to drive innovation through helping clients untangle technical issues concerning their product or research. Our team is comprised of scientists, mechanists, chemists and programmers. Thus, we welcome challenges from different industries.

However, since we have biomedical knowledge and practical experience on product or process developments, it builds our strength on handling technical problems especially for biomedical projects.

In future the influence we are building now will continue in the coming years.

The BioMeder's Life Journey』is a podcast program started in June 2021. It attempts to document our influences in plain language. The content includes  biomedical technology, current affairs perspectives, interviews with professionals, and recordings of interesting conversations among friends. We discuss science, engineering, and share life experiences. In addition to making the audio available on various podcast streaming platforms, we also provide text summaries on the website of  The Biomedical Life Journey for each episode. It is one of the few podcasts which focuses on biomedical knowledge in Taiwan.

"Throughout these episodes, every comment and interaction support and encourage us to continue moving forward. With this podcast, we document our influences through our voices and words."