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Are you looking for resource to build up your biomedical(med-tech/biotech/pharma) company website? However, there are too many contents to put all together. Do you want to release press for your product/company? However, it's hard to find professional and suitable person to do it.

We provide editing and writing services for professional news, article, website contents and product technical documents. The editorial program includes biomedical tech-oriented interview, in-depth topic report and podcast talk...etc. All those assist you on creating professional contents. Besides, we also provide our own media channel(website, podcast) to expose your professional contents. On top of those, BioMeder is very experienced in website technologies, like website building and Internet search engine optimization(SEO). Therefore, we are sure to provide you the most capable solution.

BioMeder commit ourselves to the quality and profession of our creation. We take special care to understand your requests and products before providing our services

We will welcome your emails to discuss opportunities to fullfill your needs.
email us: [email protected] or call [email protected] +886 2 6605 8355 to have our Media Kit.

Advertise On 《BioMeder》

Empower People with Biomedical Knowledge

Advertise your products, activities, courses on our blog/magazine style website, BioMeder and the social media where we run our brand. The webpages can be viewed on computers, smartphones and tablets. The layouts are designed and controlled by us and therefore can be customized to suit your needs. This makes it easier to have your advertisements seen by your audiences.

BioMeder 生醫人網摘 Brand Overview

BioMeder》is the most professional magazine/blog style website in the field of biomedical engineering and technology. We post the top latest news relating to the biomedical research and inventions happening worldwide. The contents are written in traditional Chinese characters. We insist on having professional and excellent quality  articles. Our readers mainly come from academia, research institutes and biomedical industries. With targeted readers in the biomedical fields,《BioMeder》will be your best choice for advertising.

We will welcome your emails to discuss opportunities to fullfill your needs.
email us: [email protected] or call [email protected] +886 2 6605 8355 to have our Media Kit.

More Than a Biomedical News Feeder

Our readers receive knowledge instead of news or information.

Efficient Broadcasting

Right Content to Right People


  • Biology, medical technology companies, academia, and research institutes

  • University students, experts, and enthusiasts in biomedical technologies

  • Medical and health product users

Type of Advertising

  • Advertising blocks (banner, header, sidebar), Internet links, pictures, videos
  • Articles designed and written for your products (《BioMeder》expects the content to be professional, scientific and logical.)

  • Posting opportunities for talks, conferences, exhibitions and product launch seminars

  • Professional Interview - 《BioMeder》Podcast Exposure

  • Medical and health product users


  • Target appropriate audiences

  • Be professional and precise

  • Expose products to nations where Chinese is spoken

  • Build a professional brand and company image with focused contents

  • Increase ad clicks with our steadily growing page impressions

  • Work together with emerging industries